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Liquid filter integrity testing

The Porecheck 4 is configured for water intrusion testing, pressure decay and bubble point testing. The Porecheck 4 comes in two versions: ‘P’ Pharmaceutical (CFR) – Allows traceability and audit tracking capability ‘C’ Certified – comes with password level protection This market leading system incorporates a range of design features unique to the Porecheck 4 bringing true portability, enhanced ease of use, flexibility and reliability in challenging environments. All this within an instrument fully compliant with 21 CFR Part II.

BEVCHECK PLUS is an easy to use, portable unit that uses compressed gas to accurately measure the pressure decay or diffusional flow of test filters, returning either a pass or fail result indicating if the filter system is fit for purpose. BEVCHECK PLUS is a fully automated machine requiring little operator input in order to accurately measure membrane filter integrity. Once the test program is selected, the unit will automatically achieve the required stabilisation pressure, perform the test, print the results (if selected) and release system pressure.