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Nitrogen and analytical laboratory generators

Application of nitrogen, as a chemically inert gas, is used in:

  • Drying and purging of pipelines
  • Injection into oil and gas sources
  • Pressure testing
  • Fire prevention
  • Storage in a modified atmosphere
  • Laser cutting
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Spray painting
  • Drying with UV lamps

Nitrogen generators utilize proprietary selective permeation membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technologies to produce high purity nitrogen from compressed air. Nitrogen generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen as safe, regulated pressures without operator attention. An on-site N2 generator will eliminate all of the above problems and increase profitability, reliability and sustainability.


Nine Reasons Why You Should Consider On-Site Nitrogen Generation – NITROSource Nitrogen Generator – Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division, EMEAA Parker NITROSource generator, for example, offers a unique design and advanced energy-saving technology that requires less compressed air to generate more nitrogen. Substantially lower servicing costs, reduced downtime, and longer working life make it the most cost-efficient nitrogen supply available. Additional benefits include:

Increased profitability – significantly lower unit gas cost, more up-time, NITROSource also incorporates energy-saving technology which matches demand to the application resulting in the user making further savings

Increased reliability – gas available on demand 24/7, only pay for gas produced

Sustainability – short payback on investment, long service life, low energy use and reduced CO2 footprint

With Parker’s vast industrial application knowledge gleaned over almost 30 years of designing and manufacturing gas generation systems, we are ideally suited to be able to help any customer to convert from delivered gas options to produce their own gas on demand.