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DSP Series Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor 22-240 kW

Innovative Air End Design

  • Patented taper rotor design optimized for efficiency
  • Stainless steel coating robotically applied to rotors in both 1st and 2nd stages provides superior corrosion resistance and durability
  • Patented PTFE-free rotary coating designed for long life
    • Coating specifically engineered to help ensure rotor tolerances remain consistent — maximizing discharge capacity over the life of the unit
  • Stator housing coated to provide additional corrosion protection

Patented Oil Mist Remover

  • Environmentally friendly solution to recapture gearcase oil mists
    • Helps ensure oil free air compression
    • Recycles gearcase oil to reduce oil topoffs needed
    • Helps promote a cleaner production environment

Motorized Isolation Valve 

  • Automatically closes compressed air discharge when DSP shuts off — protecting the compressor from condensate backflow

Package Designed to Optimize Energy Efficiency and Oil Free Operation

  • VSD models feature a Patented No Inlet Valve Design
    • Eliminates negative pressure at unloading — helping increase shaft seal reliability
  • Fixed speed models feature patented 3 or 5 way solenoid valve
  • Interstage air purging
    • Provides energy savings when unloading
  • Patented High Pre-Cooler Design
    • Redundant cooler helps prevent thermal fatigue and cooler failure
    • Helps reduce moisture content in compressed air

Key Features

  • Wye-Delta or VSD Starter
  • Phase Monitor
  • Altitude Capacity: up to 9000 feet
  • Oversized motor options available for peak usage needs

Warranty Information

  • All DSP Series Compressors feature a 3 year package warranty

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