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N2-Smartspray – spray painting with Nitrogen

Spray-painting with nitrogen derived from N2-Smartspray device is a new technology on the market. It allows the end user to apply a high quality paint coating with significant savings in consumption. Compared to the previous technology where the carrier of paint on the spray gun is compressed air, nitrogen replaces it and raises the quality of painting technology to a new level.

Membrane technology is becoming increasingly popular because nitrogen generators of this type do not belong under pressure vessels. Dew point is above -40 ° C, which means that the gas is completely dry.

Paint particles in combination with nitrogen are faster (13m / s) than air (7 m / s) and need lower pressure, since the size of the paint particle with nitrogen is smaller (35 micrometers) than with air (41 micrometers) – smaller size = better color distribution on the coating surface and lower paint consumption. Prior to spray painting, nitrogen is passed through a heater inside the pipe to obtain an even better layer of paint coating.



  • Better coating quality
  • Savings in the amount of paint used up to 30%
  • Increases the performance of the spray gun
  • The “orange peel” effect is a thing of the past
  • Reduction of paint application speed 25-50%
  • Prevents spray mist from the gun – operator protection
  • Contributes to better bonding of paint and solvent
  • Removes surface moisture
  • It prolongs the life of the painting chamber itself and thus the maintenance costs