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Nitrogen generation for laser cutting

For generation of technical gases and compressed air, we are now free to introduce you to our newly engineered system for the production of nitrogen with a pressure range up to 300 bar. In this field of application we guarantee the most efficient and economical source of nitrogen as assistants and purification gas in laser cutting.

Operating costs are low and unmatched in terms of safety, quality and productivity, thanks to innovative Energy Saving Technology and low maintenance costs.

The expected payoff of such nitrogen plant can be expected within 6 to 24 months – followed by cost savings and profitability when compared to a traditional supply where the customer is dependent on long-term gas companies costs and hidden costs such as cylinder package rental, continuous delivery costs, gas bottle replacements and administrative costs.



For N2 production Existing compressed air is used + only approx. 80 W for microprocessor control unit

Example:  For 1 Nm3 N2 99.99% purity is required approximately 4.61 m3 of compressed air of 7 bar

For production of 1 Nm3 compressed air, 7 barg, it is needed 0,100 kW (100W) of electrical power,
+Nitrogen booster 0,074 kW:
0,100kW + 0,074 kW = 0,174 kW/Nm3

If the price of 1 kWh electricity costs cca 0,10 $ (US dollar) 

Price of 1 Nm3/h N2 is: 4,61 Nm3 x 0,174 kW/Nm3 x 0,1 $/kWh =0,080$
1 kg (N2) = 0,800 Nm3 (N2)
1kg N2 =  0,800 x 0,080 $ = 0,064 $